Discoguard: Quality Accessories for Vinyl Collectors We offer protective sleeves for albums and singles, record mailers, cleaning products, and vinyl accessories. For over ten years we supplied our products to collectors, DJs, record stores, and record labels. We sell plastic covers in different thicknesses and materials. Inner sleeves with or without anti-static lining. Cardboard jackets in different models and colours. Our cardboard record mailers come in different sizes and protect vinyl during shipping. For the cleaning of albums and singles, we carry a range of cleaning products.
Discoguard - Quality Accessories for Vinyl Collectors
12 Inch Record Sleeves
A record collection needs protection against damage and dirt. Album and single covers can get damaged quickly without plastic protective sleeves. We carry a range of plastic protective sleeves in different thicknesses and materials. Inner sleeves are essential to protect records from dust, dirt, humidity, and mould. That’s why we recommend collectors of used vinyl to buy new inner sleeves. Our inner sleeves come with or without anti-static lining. We sell cardboard jackets in different models and colours; convenient when album covers are lost or need replacing.
Popular 12 Inch Sleeves
7 Inch Record Sleeves
We provide collectors of singles with all kinds of single sleeves. We carry plastic protective sleeves made from polythene, polypropylene and PVC. Inner paper sleeves, with or without inner lining. And cardboard jackets are available when original covers need replacing. Original single covers are thinner and more vulnerable than album covers. We recommend using plastic covers, especially when singles are often played.
Popular 7 Inch Sleeves
Record Mailers
Record mailers
Albums and singles need extra protection during shipment. We sell an extensive range of record mailers for shipping vinyl; for one or for fifty albums. Besides fixed-sized boxes, we also carry a box that can be adapted to the number of records. Our special fillers can be used to fill record mailers or to add extra strength. Our “Handle With Care” stickers alert parcel deliverers to the fragile content inside the box. We highly recommend using our stickers for international shipments.
Popular Record Mailers
Cleaning Products
Cleaning Products
Whether it’s to clean used vinyl or keeping dust away during playback, a record collector needs good cleaning products. We sell maintenance and cleaning products to keep your vinyl and stylus in excellent shape. We carry AM Denmark and Quality Service spray bottles for quick cleansing. Our Quality Service 1 litre bottles are the right choice for record cleaning machines. The vinyl cleaning liquid reaches deep inside the groove. In combination with a goat-hair record cleaning brush, this liquid can also be used with record cleaning machines (e.g. Okki Nokki). For stylus care, we carry the AM Denmark stylus cleaner.
Popular Cleaning Products
Popular Vinyl Accessories
CD Sleeves
We have a range of CD sleeves too. Our paper sleeves with window and our cardboard jackets are perfect for the protection and dust-free storage of CDs. Our polythene sleeves are great space savers. These sleeves can hold the CD, booklet and inlay. We also carry crystal-clear jewel case sleeves with resealable flaps. These sleeves protect jewel cases from scratching and the artwork remains clearly visible.
Popular CD Sleeves

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